Smart Magnetic Nanofluids (colloquium)

We are pleased to announce that the AIMagn colloquia are back!

The next event


will be held on Friday March 18, 11.30 – 16:15 CET in Genova (Italy)

Magnetic fluids consisting of stable suspensions of magnetic micro and nanoparticles in a carrier liquid have attracted a growing attention for their potential application in many fields including medicine, biotechnology, energy and environment, among others. The AIMagn Colloquium on “Smart magnetic nanofluids” aims at providing a platform to discuss and debate about some of the most recent developments in the field. It includes a keynote lecture given by Prof. G. Friedman (Drexel University, USA) on magnetic nanoparticle micro-robotics, followed by a series of selected talks given by national expert on the topic.

The participation is free of charge. Register at the following link:

More information available in the following PDFs


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