The Italian Magnetism Association (AIMagn) aims to support, promote and enhance the national research on magnetism,  from both fundamental and  applicative point of view. 

AIMagn also supports  the academic activities by the organization of seminars, workshops and Schools for students and young reserachers.

AIMagn is privileged contact for companies and industries and represents a network of knowledge in the field of magnetism.

 AIMagn interacts with other societies in European countries and worldwide to exchange of information on magnetic materials and their applications. Recognising the importance of international collaboration, AIMagn has established partnerships with communities across the world and support the organization of international conferences.

 AIMagn organizes its national congress every two years. Magnet 2009 was held in Rome, and during the Magnet 2011 in Turin the AIMagn association was constituted. Subsequently, the Magnet congresses were held in Naples in 2013 and in Bologna in 2015.